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AMI is a universal P2P framework written in Java and XML. It allows people to find them easily on the net following some criteria and communicating using some plug in ami protocols. AMI doesn't provide P2P protocol by itself but can support any P2P protocol ( like file sharing, skills lookup, irc ...)

AMI is under GPL license :

Note that AMI package features a sample protocol named 'AMISample'.

Page update: 12/11/2002



13/11/2002 :

AMI 0.2 beta release available !

16/09/2002 :
AMI alpha release available !

Added screenshots !

12/03/2002: Specifications version 4.7 are out !

25/01/2002: Specifications version 4.6 are out !

Development info:

12/03/2002: AMI engine is operational

25/01/2002: coding is over, debug

15/01/2001: Output part completed

03/01/2002: Security classes written.

22/12/2001: Specifications are frozen, AMI services are written


AMI is used for two main purposes:

  • Maintain the personal routing table filing peers. Indeed, a peer IP address can change at each connection. Then, AMI will query others peers to get new peer IP-addresses. For instance, few days ago, you communicated with Bob but its IP address has changed. Through AMI, you will ask above all your AMI network to find his new address - assuming he's connected. Hence, AMI network is self-growing.

  • Locate peers matching specified criteria used by over-protocols. For instance, you are using a AMI over-protocol managing an IRC. You need to find all people wanting to speak about cinema for example. AMI will find such people for you. AMI uses AR requests to find people matching criteria. All criteria are stored under XML format open enough to accepting any further protocols.


AMI download page on SourceForge


AMI Peer to peer technology features:

  • Pure P2P network, none central node.

  • Security : every exchanged packet is signed using RSA 1024 and MD5.

  • Modularity : AMI is a framework, you can plug any ami-based protocol written in any language.

  • Java and XML based technology.

  • Graphical Control Center. Can be run in text or graphical mode.


Some generic information provided during installation.



Current version of specifications [ HTML ] [ PDF ]

CVS interface 

CVS repository


A short planning enumerating work done/to be done


Watch out some screenshots of the AMI Control Center


The Javadoc API documentation ( current development )

Copyright(C) 2001, 2002 Bertrand Florat

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