AMI Release 0.1
Copyright 2001,2002 Bertrand Florat
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AMI is a peer-to-peer framework. It doesn't support natively any peer-to-peer protocol but is designed to use plug in protocols. AMI is also a protocol which has the ability of discovering peers with given criteria. For example, we could get all peers on the AMI network having a file or wanting to discuss about a subject. Basically, AMI is a discovery protocol which return a list of IP-address for a given criteria. You can lean more about AMI in AMI specifications :


- Java release 1.3 or later . You will need JDK 1.3 if you want to recompile

and run AMI and only JRE 1.3 if you just want to run AMI.

Download it from:


The great automatic installation is provided by IzPack GNU project.



AMI is designed to work on any OS supporting Java 1.3 ( for example Linux,

*BSD, MS Windows, Solaris, AIX ...).



To use the given ant build file, you will need ant tool. If you haven't installed

it yet, download it from Jakarta homepage :

In order to compile ami:
- Go in the main ami directory with a 'build.xml' file.
- Launch ANT script:
$ant all


If you want to hack AMI and you want to refresh locally javadoc, use the ant 'javadoc' target:
$ant javadoc
Browse javadoc in api directory.
( Note: remove remote links in the javadoc target if you are not online. )


AMI is under GPL 2 licence, see provided COPYING file.