Package ami

Base AMI classes


Interface Summary
AMIObserver Generic observer used in any observer design pattern
AMISubject Subject in Observer pattern ( see GOF )

Class Summary
AMIaisBuilder Builder for AIS
AMIar Address Request
AMICriteria Represents a set of criterias in IAI or AR
AMIError List of AMI error messages
AMIErrorHandler Convenient class used as ErrorHandler for validating
AMIiai Internal address information
AMIInputProcessor Processor used to analyse incomming queries and to manage them ( reply to an amiping, broadcast an AR ...)
AMIInputSpool Manages and stores incoming AMI packets Singleton The AMIInputSpool contains static parts and multi-threaded instance parts There are the same number of AMIReader than of AMIInputSpool threads
AMIListener AMI Server side.
AMILocalParameter Stores current AMI parameters.
AMILog Manages message logging with Log4J Singleton
AMIMain AMI main class Analyses command line options Check system when started Manages system installation if needed Load all AMI threads
AMIMessage AMI messages and labels
AMIOutputProcessor Centralizes sending requests and check them
AMIOutputSpool Contains spools of AMI request waiting for sending Singleton The AMIOutputSpool is also responsable for merging queries in common packets if it is possible.
AMIPacket Stores an query with destination address and general internal features.
AMIPasswordHide Thread used to hide password entering at command line
AMIping AMI ping request
AMIQuery Abstract class for AMIiai, AMIping and AMIar
AMIQueryLog Stores output and input packets ids to drop looping packets Singleton
AMIQueryVoid Convenient class used when we have to deal with void queries
AMIReader Thread used to open a server socket and accept packets
AMIResultTable Manages results for an AR Singleton
AMIrt AMI Routing Table, stores information about all known peers
AMISender AMI packets sender (thread ) The ami sender is pretty clever and manage alone the sending of a packet.
AMIServiceProcessor Thread used to process incoming AIS ( AMI Input Services ) Singleton
AMIServiceReader Thread used to read and check incoming AIS ( AMI Input Services ) Singleton
AMIStop Convenient class called to stop engine
AMISubjectAdapter A basic implementation of the Subject in Observer pattern ( see GOF )
AMITag Description: Contains every system non-translatable strings
AMIUtil Convenient methods for AMI engine

Exception Summary
AMIException AMI generic Exception

Package ami Description

Base AMI classes